Category searching only working with lower case letters

Not sure if this is normal, but whenever you’re writing a topic, and wanna choose the category you wanna post in using the drop down menu under the topic’s menu


You can find the wanted category after going down a bit, or you can use the searching feature, which I think doesn’t work.


It turns out that the category’s name has to be lowercased or else it wouldn’t find it. This is a small detail but it might cause confusion.



You can file this one on the Discourse Meta:

Typically most Discourse issues should be filed there unless they are about specific extensions we have here that are not part of the base Discourse installation (i.e. Roblox profile link on user profiles, Following feature, …)

PS: This only seems to affect the category picker in the editor, when you use actual forum search in the top right it seems to pick up on it fine.


Thank you! Will do

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