Cat's Trains Brown Line Update (V7)

A month later and another update has arrived! I present to you… the V7.0 Update! Featuring a map expansion, 1 new train line, 4 new stations, bug fixes, train extensions and more! Let’s get into it!

The Brown Line Update (V7.0) Patch Notes

  1. The new BROWN LINE!
    • The first cable car monorail train line!
    • 4 stations
    • Connects with 3 lines.
    • Another brand new station design with some having elevators and other corridors to easily connect with other train lines!
  2. Map Expansion
    • The map has been expanded eastwards by 1 grid space (as in the station grid)
  3. Line extensions
    • Pink Line extended by 1 station from Treacherous IntersectionInferno-Northbound Intersection.
    • Orange Line extended by 1 station from Treacherous IntersectionExpressway.
    • Cyan Line extended by 1 station from Catville BurgersNorthbound Canal End.
  4. Full revamp of Treacherous Intersection!
    • Orange Line now goes underground before this station.
    • Orange Line Express Service (currently not in operation)
    • New station location to match with other stations.
    • Improved station design used for the PINK LINE.
  5. Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the inconsistency between different maps in different stations. (The maps now update automatically)
    • Fixed the CYAN LINE not going to Downtown Road.
  6. New roads & canals.
    • New Northbound Canal that is inbetween the 2 lanes of the new Northbound Road.
    • Other roads that aren’t important to be listed here.
  7. Giant tree removed to make way for the Pink Line.
  8. New Handmade Train Models!
    • I made a train called the “CRA Generation 1” which is completely built by me but it’s not for operation yet because I have to figure out how to make it move so give me time to figure out. (The next model that I will make is probably a monorail or something.

That’s the end! I hope you enjoy this update and I apologize for having a terrible development schedule, I’m still trying to fix it and I hope that I can slowly go back to weekly (or biweekly) updates. Thanks for reading!