Catterpity Builder Portfolio

Hiya! I’m Catterpity! I am a builder and a 3d modeler. I have 4 years of building experience and started doing commissions midway 2020. In a short amount of time, I was able to do various projects for different groups.
If ever we get to work someday, I hope I’d be able to bring your imagination into virtual reality!

Blush Bunny Homestore 2021

(1) Roblox on Twitter: “Bring on the pollen counts if it looks like this! :blossom:” / Twitter

DIO$A Homestore 2021

Skybox Creation 2021

Obbyburst 2021

missmudmaam Homestore 2021

Melauria Aesthetic Homestore 2021

Hand-Painted Textures 2021

Rodeo Drive Homestore 2020

Moonbun Homestore 2021

Homestore commissioned by junozy 2020

amour Homestore 2021

Oceanside Apparel Homestore 2021

Truebelle Homestore 2021

London Map (Personal Project 2021)

Cottage Core (Personal Project 2021)

I can work 36 hours a week. My timezone is GMT and I have worked with clients from different time zones. I am very flexible when it comes to time management.

To make a game run efficiently and maintain its detail at the same time, I always try my best to do the following:

:white_check_mark:Minimise the amount of vertices and triangles throughout the game by removing faces that are hidden or not visible

:white_check_mark:Minimise the amount of vertices and triangles in a specific amount of space whilst succeeding to deliver the details

:white_check_mark:Use textures that are 256x256 pixels, there are times I put 512x512 pixels when necessary

:white_check_mark:Add trees,bushes or other repetitive models maxed at 300-500 triangles (each). Surface appearance is used instead of texture ID

:white_check_mark:Avoid using partially transparent objects that overlap each other. Partially transparent glass can be an exception.

:white_check_mark:Avoid making unions, if doing unions export them to blender and inspect the verts/tris. Minimise them and import it into studio as a mesh part.

It is important that we plan few steps a head of the game so that in the end we do not have to modify a lot of things for game performance. It means if you are hiring me, know what type of game you are aiming i.e low-poly aesthetic (leaning towards excellent game performance) or showcase pictorial aesthetic (leaning towards detail but decent performance).

My prices are negotiable for non-homestore commissions.

Here are my prices for homestores ONLY:
small homestore = 35k robux/usd equivalent
medium homestore = 75k robux/usd equivalent
large homestore = 140k robux/usd equivalent

I accept payments via group funds or Paypal.

discord- Catterpity#1857


Quite frankly, I am mind blown. Yeah no, I actually have no words for this, this is just beyond good…

Can’t wait to see more of your work in the future!


Wow I am impressed 36 hours a week

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Wow your fr insane how is it humanly possible to be that good at building

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How did you learn to be that good


Holy- those are absolutely insane! Completely mind blown. Do you do cafes etc? If so, how much?

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Thank you! One thing I do is I collect references from some roblox games and google. Then, you combine them altogether to make it fit a certain style you want to achieve.

Thanks! I do cafes as well. It only happens that most of my clients want me to build homestores. I find it easier to plan and build homestores as well since I have tons of experience making them.


Some real passion for aesthetic building.

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Portfolio update features ( 2nd of April 2021 ):

  • Blush Bunny Homestore
  • DIO$A Homestore
  • Obbyburst
  • Melauria Aesthetic Homestore
  • Skybox Creation
  • Hand-Painted Seamless Textures

My commissions are closed at the moment (for this month). I am still finishing a bunch of projects. You can DM me if you are interested in commissioning me in the future. Thank you!

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