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“The Juice you’ve been waiting for.”

In this thread you’ll find all information regarding Celatinó. This includes guides, our session schedule, paramount information and so on. Before going on from there, we’d like to give you some general basic information about our juice bar.

Celatinó is a juice bar founded on June 8th of 2021, our juice bar is founded by ezotixvibezs. We strive to ensure satisfaction for our guests at all times along with our staff allowing these guests the enjoyable moments with their diligent working ethic. We guarantee you a satisfied stay, professional staff and more.

With that being said, going on forward any questions or concerns should be directed to a member of our High-Rank Team.

Affiliation Information

Want to form a partnership with our industry? We’re delighted to hear so! However, before both our industries can be partnered we have some requirements your group must abide with, if you’re not willing to abide with any requirements given to you or rules from our juice bar, an alliance may not be right for both our groups. However, if you will abide with our rules then continue reading into this topic.

  • Must have a clean reputation with Celatinó.
  • Must be willing to announce MOST or ALL of our events.
  • Staff must be professional and act professional towards our group.
  • Group must be active and engaged.
  • (Group Members/Communications Sever Members) is currently Irresolute.
  • Must be an industry group (Army, troll or raid groups will not be accepted.)

Within a week or 2 from submitting an application you’ll then be contacted by either a Board of Directors+ or exoticc#0001.
Within a day or two from your application being submitted your group games, sessions and assets will then be reviewed by our High-Rank-Team going through (7) stages, group must pass all of them to become an alliance with Celatinó.
An application will have to be sent through our google form which can be located in our communications server. You can also DM an Executive Manager the responses to all the questions - they’ll then take it on from there.

Alliance Application Form :link:: Click Here

[1] - What Is your Roblox Username?
[2] - What rank do you withhold within this group?
[3] - Provide a Roblox Group Link of your group.
[4] - Please provide a link to your industries communications server.

[5] - How many members does your Roblox group have?
[6] - Why does your group want to form an alliance with Celatinó?
[7] - Does your group actively host events and sessions? If so, list some previous events.
[8] - What’s some goal(s) your group posses(s) for the future?
[9] - How does your group plan on keeping a strong relationship?

Does your group understand you must announce our events? (Y/N)
Does your group abide with our rules and guidelines? (Y/N)
Do you understand it can take up to 14 days for an application status response? (Y/N)
Do you have any questions? (If so, list them.)

After sending that to an Executive Manager+ a review of the application will go around then an inspection of Group assets will.

Rank Limitations

Here you’ll find all ranks from Customer to Preident rank descriptions and rank limitations.


  • Customer
  • Suspended
  • Valued Customer
  • Business Partner (Kept Confidental)
  • Trainee
  • Inferior Juicer
  • Advanced Juicer
  • Lead Juicer


  • Assistant (30)
  • Staff Assistant (20)
  • Manager (20)


  • Executive Manager (15)
  • Executive Assistant (5)
  • Board of Directors (3)


  • Vice President (1)
  • President (1)
Ban Appeal Information

We understand it can be frustrating getting banned from our games at Celatinó and you feel you’ve did nothing or your ban should simply be revoked, that’s why we allow you to submit a Ban Appeal, what this does is whenever you’ve got a moderation status on your account from Celatinó and you want to remove it, you submit an appeal.

However; do keep in mind some offenses committed are non-appeal-worthy which intends you can’t appeal for whatever you did.

Ban Appeals can be directed to a Manager+ or can be filled out on our Appeal Database; if you’d like to direct it to a Manager you’d have to include the answers to the following questions;

[1] What type of appeal is this for? (Juice Bar, Training Center or Discord appeal.)
[2] What’s your Roblox username?
[3] When were you banned? (MM,DD,YY)
[4] Why were you banned?
[5] Why should your ban be revoked?

Before appealing be sure it’s been at least 1 month prior your ban and you’re being honest within your responses.

Recipe Guide


Code of Conduct


Behavior 1. -
As a guest of Celatinó, we advice you be on your best behavior. You are to respect every individual to keep a safe enjoyable experience in all games regarding Celatinó, failing to comply with this rule will lead to extreme consequences.

Behavior 2. -
Trolling is strictly prohibited, this also includes any way of trolling. As said before, we want our guests to have an enjoyable experience. Trolling could ruin the experience they’re having.

Behavior 3. -
Disrespecting anyone because of race, religion or anything that goes along those lines will have you banned permanently with no expectations. We do not tolerate bullying depending on race or religion.

Behavior 4. -
Bypassing our chat filter is not tolerated, it will and can ruin the guests experience whilst in games regarding Celatinó.

Behavior 5. -
ODing (Online Dating) is not tolerated at Celatinó, if you’re found doing so you’ll be banned with no expectations. We prohibit online dating.

Behavior 6. -
Major spamming within any of our games is a major offense. If you’re found doing so you will have be banned with no expectations.


Attire 1. -
As a guest of Celatinó, you must have appropriate clothing on at all times. You must have clothing on whilst in a game of Celatinó, found with no attire will lead to major consequences.

Attire 2. -
Wearing an outfit, hat or whatever it be that discriminates someone’s race, religion or anything that is used to offend or target someone is prohibited. Doing so will have you banned and permanently denied being unable to appeal.


Exploiting 1. -
It you manage to enter an area restricted to staff only and wasn’t done by a staff member will have you banned immediately. We do not tolerate exploiting.

Exploiting 2. -
This includes hacking by giving yourself walk speed or any tools that are for staff if you are found commit such an offense, you’ll be banned.

Not only will you be required to follow our CoC, you’ll be required to respect, follow and abide with all of Roblox’s rules given to you.



Whilst on duty, staff are required to remain professional at all times. You are a representative of our group, you represent our group. Caught being unprofessional to a guest or any member of Celatinó will result in an instant termination from your rank. The same rules as guests go for you, caught discriminating someone because of their race or religion will have you terminated from the group and your rank. As said for guests, if you bypass or major spam you will be banned immediately.

We have uniform that you’re instructed to wear at all times whilst on duty at the hotel. Any item on the catalog that covers your uniform is prohibited. This includes large UGC items, you’re to remain professional with your clothing attire dress code at all times. Wearing anything that discriminates someone will have you banned immediately, wearing a troll outfit will have you suspended.

Breaking any of ROBLOX ToS will have you banned from ALL Celatinó establishments, demoted and reported to Roblox. You’ll also be instantly terminated from receiving a staff rank in the future. Hacking and exploiting will have you banned with no expectations, this shows bad ethic for Celatinó. Trolling as a staff member whilst on duty in games on Celatinó will have you banned. If you’re an MR at a fake group of ours that has any of our models stolen or even or guides will have you blacklisted. Showing bad ethic whilst an alliance visit goes on will have you terminated with no expectations.

Rank Descriptions

Customer - Customers are new members of our group, for a job an application must be submitted.

Suspended - Former staff member who’s broke one of our staff guidelines, removed from position for a certain amount of time.

Valued Customer - Former Staff Assistants+ who’s resigned.


Business Partner - Representatives of one of our alliances.

Trainee - User who’s passed an application submitted, awaiting trainings.

Inferior Juicer - Awarded to those who’ve got a minimum of 3 points in trainings, first juicer rank.

Advanced Juicer - Given to those who’s gotten a minimum of 4 points in trainings, 2nd juicer rank.

Lead Juicer - Final rank of Juicer; users who have this rank have successfully passed training with a maximum count of 5 points.


Assistant - This rank is awarded to the most hard working lead juicers, you’ve shown enough dedication to be awarded this position.

Staff Assistant - Those who have this rank are the best working Assistants; you’ve shown you’ve mastered your Assistant position.

Manager - You’ve shown enough dedication from both 2 previous positions; you’ve shown you’re now ready and trusted to host training sessions for trainees-Lead Juicers.


Executive Manager - You’ve hosted sessions, you’ve supervised at the juice bar and you were a great customer supporter. You’ve shown enough dedication to be awarded with the first high rank position.

Executive Assistant - Given to the best working Executive Managers.

Board of Directors - Final High Rank Position, you are one of the best working staff in the entire group.


Development Team - Commissioned developer hired by the Vice President+.

Head Developers - Shown major hard work as your position of a Developer, now an official full time developer for Celatinó.

Vice President - Secondary President.

President - Reserved for ezotixvibezs.

Training Points Procedure

Whilst at trainings, we conduct a point system.

You’ll have to have a certain amount of points depending on your rank to pass the trainings, which will be gone over in this segment.

Trainee → Inferior Juicer [3 points needed]
Inferior Juicer → Advanced Juicer [4 points needed]
Advanced Juicer → Lead Juicer [5 points needed]
FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

:question: FAQ

Q: How do I get a job?

A: Getting a job is simple, you would first join the group. You’ll then submit an application through our application center, prior your application being sent; within 48 hours you’ll be ranked “Trainee” if you passed. You will then have to head to the training center and pass. Within another 48 hours you’ll be ranked an official staff of Celatinó.

Q: How do I get promoted?

A: Getting promoted can be a hard topic at times. You’ll have to put in major dedication, activity and hard work. Sending reports is another good way, it shows you’re active at the hotel when HRs don’t have time to go, using grammar is also another great topic to getting promoted.

Q: Are ranks sold?

A: Ranks will not be sold nor traded, they’re earned, never given by bias.

Q: Do I need robux to be promoted?

A: Absolutely not, as long as you meet all of our promotion standards you have a chance of being promoted. We don’t base promotions off of robux nor aesthetics.

Q: How many warnings do trollers get?

A: Trollers get 1 warning, after the troller was warned you should request a middle rank to kick the troller.

Q: Can I assist in trainings?

A: No, unfortunately we restrict helping in trainings to ranks Staff Assistants and above.

Q: I want to go on break as a staff, can I?

A: Yes, we do allow breaks for staff members at the juice bar at times. We have a staff room, you should go to the staff room - go on the AFK line then run the !afk command.

Q: I found an MR abusing or doing the job wrong, can I report?
A: Absolutely, although report it to an HR+.

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:wave: | Ending

Thank you for revising over all the information of Celatinó, we hope to find you in our games one of these days!

Our game development is still in progress and on halt for a moment.

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