Celeste 2 Patch Notes 3/28/2021

More Defense Notifier Updates!

  • When a defense has ended, the Defense Notifier will be more descriptive on how the defense was won/lost (eg. if it was won in overtime, if raiders ran out of time, if defenders won by capturing the terminal fully, etc.).
  • Example:


Clan Win/Loss Stats

  • A GUI was added, listing clans that have raided and their overall wins/losses.
  • When a defense has ended, the win/loss data for the raiding clan will automatically be updated.
  • Clans that have raided Celeste 2 prior to this update have had their overall wins/losses manually inputted by collecting the data from previous Defense Notifications

NOTE: Only prior wins/losses at Destiny of Celeste 2 have been added, wins at previous versions of the base have not been and will not be added.

As always, if you have any suggestions/bugs you’d like to report, make sure to let me know in the appropriate Discord channels!