Certain ASCII Characters Do Not Scale Properly in Text Objects

Some ASCII characters do not scale properly, and end up going outside of the GUI Object’s boundaries. This happens in TextButtons, TextLabels, and TextBoxes when they are certain sizes (These are the only objects I tested). This is also a problem when using “TextScaled”, as you would trust the “TextScaled” property to keep the text within the constraints of the GUI object.

I have only just noticed this bug, as I have not experimented with the more extreme ASCII characters before.

To reproduce, create a ScreenGUI within StarterGUI and place a Text GUI Object inside (textbutton). Then, turn on “TextScaled” and input the character ╝. Make the box 76x76 pixels (For example).

I have not tested the entire usable base of ASCII characters, but a non exhaustive list of other characters include:

╣, , , , .

This is clearly not just a bug with one character, but with how the engine implements these more obscure characters.

Nothing more than a minor inconvenience, but worth mentioning :man_shrugging:

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Thank you for reporting this issue! We created a ticket to investigate this. Take care!

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