The CFL Will Be Opening a Collective Bargaining Agreement Vote On The Following Things

  • Discord Group Chats
  • Salary Cap

So over the past few seasons i’ve been thinking of adding a salary cap to the league, and now with me finishing all of the requirements and precautions i’d need to take in, i’ve came to a decision that i’ll make a vote for the league for if you guys would like this to be here. I’ve also had the idea of finally allowing discord chats for those players and coaches that want to get in-contact more with their team. There will be a vote for that also.

DISCLAIMER: The salary cap is a trial run, This would only be here for next season, just to see how everything goes, if everything goes smoothly then we’ll keep going with it

NOTE: This Article is explaining the two bullet points and what will happen with them, there will be votes later in the season for if you want it or not.

Salary Cap

The Salary cap is a new idea of putting a system into the league where players can earn robux, and to keep the teams in an organized way and increase activity in the league. The salary cap is exactly how the NFL salary cap would be, but there would be a few rules obviously altered for our sake. If the CBA for salary cap is approved, then it will begin this off-season starting with every coach resigning all of their players FIRST. [If players are inactive / aren’t responding we will get something figured out, everyone’s situation is different] Here are the stipulations:

-Players Will Now Have Contracts And Will Be Paid Robux

-Coaches Will Be Paid At The End Of The Season Based On Performance [Records won’t matter]

-Players Will Be On That Contract For A Specific Amount Of Seasons And Specific Amount Of Guaranteed Robux [The Limit For Seasons Is 5]

-Every Player On Your Team Has To Have Some Type Of Contract

-In Free Agency, Both The Coach And Player Have To Make And Agree With The Contract, Instead Of Instantly Signing Them

-Each Team Will Have A Cap Space Of 100 Robux [Cap space is how much Robux you can spend on players, Space could increase depending on how well this goes]

-If The Team Goes Over The Cap Space Then Your Entire Team Will Purposefully Not Be Paid

-Every Team Is Free Of How Many Players They Want On Their Team As Long As The Total Amounts Doesn’t Over-Go The Cap Space

-Players Will Be Paid Half Of Their Seasonal Salary At The End Of Their Week 3 Match-Up, Then Their Final Half After Their Final Game Of The Regular Season [If you trippin and you missing a whole bunch of games your coach can elect NOT to let you be paid, this is to increase activity hopefully]

-Rookies Will Not Have Contracts At All Unless The Coach Wants Me To [Will still count under cap space]

-Franchise Tag Will Be Added To The Salary Cap, The Tag Only Lasts 1 Season

-Franchise Tagged Players Can Be Traded Also

-When Players Are Traded There Contract Will Be The Exact Same Minus The Amount Of Seasons Left

-Contract Restructures Are Allowed ONLY During The Off-Season [Morning After Bloxx Bowl To Night BEFORE the season opener]

-No Outside Payments Are Allowed

-Coaches Are In Complete Control Of Contracts Unless Issues Pop Up

-You Can Have Left Over Robux If You Want, Will Not Apply To Coach’s Pay

Discord Chats

DISCLAIMER: There will be no league server, just individual teams will have their own chats. Any chats or servers you have before this CBA is approved is illegal and against CFL rules.

NOTE: If You Don’t Care About Discord Then Just Ignore This, Discord Isnt Required At All For CFL, This Just Matters For A Few People

Alright so there’s been a huge misconception, during this season and all the seasons before, Dizzy WAS NOT ALLOWED. But for the upcoming seasons, i’ll put a CBA vote for CHATs not SERVERS. CHAT GROUPS, NOT SERVERS. Here’s the stipulations:

-Chat Groups Are Now Allowed

-Only Your Coach Or HEAD Captain Are Allowed To Make The Chat

-If A Member Isn’t Comfortable Using Discord, Don’t Pressure Them [Please don’t, Discord is weird and i’ve seen bad things ;-;]

-Make Sure To Report In, And Any Questions You Got Let Me Know, Add Me If You Want

-No Other Teams’s Players Or Coaches Are Allowed In The Chat But Your Own

-Keep An Extra Roblox Group Chat For The Immediate Members

-If I See Any Servers It’s An Exile, Just Chats Allowed Only

-Keep The Chat For The Group’s Team Only, Don’t Make This A Party, Business Only

-You Are Not Allowed To Invite Friends To The League Thru Discord, Only From Roblox

-If You Roast Me On There Just Come 1v1 Me At Boxing Simulator Instead Of Being Too Scared To Confront Me :slight_smile: