CFrame wiki article needs to be updated

With the most recent update, CFrame.upVector and CFrame.rightVector were added as properties of CoordinateFrames. Obviously, they aren’t on the wiki yet, but that should be corrected. Their names are pretty self explanatory; upVector is a unit vector that indicates the direction that is ‘up’ for the CFrame, and rightVector is the same but for the right.

The blue part is lookVector, the red part is rightVector, and the green upVector

Will update.

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Ah, totally forgot to do that. Enjoy the new vectors!


is there a CFrame.frontVector propertie?

nevermind sorry forgot lookVector was that xD

Yep. In fact, lookVector is actually the negative of the back vector, which is what you get from CFrame:components() because in ROBLOX, +Z is coming out of the screen.

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Thanks m8

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Due to a very silly oversight by myself, these won’t work in server scripts just yet. I hope to have that fixed today, just wanted to note that in case anyone tried it and became confused.

Should be working all over now. Enjoy!

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