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About Me

Hi there, CFrameCollisions here! I’m a Studio builder and modeler, specializing in town and city builds (although I’m quickly expanding my skills). I can do a wide variety of things, from making tool models to creating roads to designing structures, all for a relatively low price! I strive to satisfy my customers and will work tirelessly until they are happy with my work!

Right now I’m trying to expand my skills at meshing and would love to work on any projects revolving around meshing!


Here are some screenshots of my work

Assorted works -

A Cold Breeze in Alma - [Abandoned - Restarting from the ground up]

Lollganz’s Homestore V.1 (V.1 was removed when V.2 was released): Furniture assets

V2 is posted in the game links section. Every asset minus scripts are my own.



Mesh Items

Note I am terrible at rendering.

Also note that while I do UV unwrap, I do not texture beyond basic shapes and text I can make in Paint . NET. If you need, I can create the model, create the map for a GFX artist, and send it to them to texture.

Game Links

Note that while I can do them, sci-fi builds are neither my favorite nor my best builds.


I am available consistently from 3-5 & 9-11 PM PST on weekdays and from 8 PM-1 AM PST weekends. Often weekends are unpredictable and I may be available more or less than expected. On occasion, I am unavailable due to school and other obligations. While I do have carpal tunnel, it shouldn’t hinder my hours too severely; I have a brace that helps correct the issue. Higher-paid contracts take priority and due to my AP courses, I refuse to do tight deadlines. During the summer, my schedule is rather arbitrary; some days I might be on for 12 hours, while others I might only be on for 4.


Expand for Reviews

@Lollganz - 9.5/10
"CFrameCollisions is a hardworking builder, who strives to deliver the client exactly what they want to the best of his abilities. I know this, because I’ve hired him for a couple of projects in the past, and will definitely do so again in the future.

I give CFrame a solid 9.5/10. His work ethic is that of someone who’s patient and passionate about what they do, in a professional manner."

@cvibes - 8/10
“It was a pleasure to work with CFrameCollisions. He is very professional and very friendly. He made sure to be very thorough with the build and did a really nice job of everything.”


Sometimes I work for free, though most of the time I work for Robux. I only accept payment once a project is complete or I’m no longer needed. All my Robux prices are based on DevEx values, not how much it costs to purchase Robux.

Robux Pricing: I start at around 5k for Robux on a project build and around 1000 on individual models, working up from there. Mesh items can dip below the 1000 start if they’re really simple, though this won’t happen often.

PayPal: I start at around $20 USD on a project build and around $3.50 USD per individual model

Extra Information - Please Read!

Regarding projects where I’m dropped mid-development after finishing significant work, I expect payment roughly equal to the percent completed unless given good reason as to why you can’t.

For more context on my pricing, see this page.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, my Twitter:, or my Discord: CFrameCollisions (Chris)#0284 (note this is my preferred method of contact).

Thanks for reading!


:raised_hands: Can’t stress this enough, CFrame is definitely your go-to guy for if you need anything built!

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Opened back up to commissions! Added some mesh work; adding some current projects to the “here are some screenshots of my work” section in the next few days after finals clear up.