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Closed to ALL commissions.

About Me

Hi there, CFrameCollisions here! I’m a Studio builder and modeler, specializing in town and city builds. I can do a wide variety of things, from making tool models to creating roads to designing structures, all for a relatively low price! I strive to satisfy my customers and will work tirelessly until they are happy with my work!


Here are some screenshots of my work

A Cold Breeze in Alma - [In development]

Lollganz’s Homestore V.1 (placeholder store): Furniture assets

Note that while I can do them, scifi builds are neither my favorite nor my best builds.


I am available consistently from 9-11 PM PST on weekdays and from 8 PM-1 AM PST weekends. Often weekends are unpredictable and I may be available more or less than expected. On occasion I am unavailable due to school and other obligations. Note I devote about 3 days a week to my main project I’m making for my game studio. Higher-paid contracts take priority and due to my AP courses, I refuse to do tight deadlines.




Sometimes i work for free, though most of the time I work for Robux. I only accept payment once a project is complete or I’m no longer needed.

Regarding projects where I’m dropped mid-development after finishing significant work, I expect payment roughly equal to the percent completed unless given good reason as to why you can’t.

Updated pricing here (Robux):
Per asset-
Furniture Assets - 450-1000
Buildings - 600-2000
Tools - 100-1400

Per project-
Small - 1500-4000
Medium - 4000-7000
Large - 7000+


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, my my Twitter:, or my Discord: CFrameCollisions (Chris)#0284

Thanks for reading!

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