CFS | All-in-one catalog inserter & browser


Inspired by @BIomm’s Hat Importer, CFS lets you browse the Roblox avatar shop and insert gears, clothing, accessories, animations, emotes, and bundles into your projects in seconds all while staying within Roblox Studio.

Precise Content Filtering

  • Enter keywords to search for specific content or to find content with specific attributes like color or style
  • Choose up to 22 different item types to show in results
  • Choose up to 4 different bundle types to show in results
  • Enter a creator's name to only show content published by them
  • Set a price range for the content that that show up in results
  • Choose how content is sorted and what appears first
  • Choose to only show content that qualifies for a certain category like UGC or Featured (The "Recommended" exclusivity type will ignore all other filters)
  • Choose if on-sale content is shown in results

Dense Content Results

  • The thumbnail, name, type, ID, price, favorite count, creator, and creator status of an asset is all fit into a single card so more results can be shown in less space
  • Scrolling to the bottom of the results page loads more content which increases the amount of assets you can see when the widget is vertically stretched
  • All text that appears in each content card can be copied. It's perfect for copy-and-pasting the name of a creator if you find one you like

Convenient Content Insertion

  • 3D assets like shoes and bundles are placed directly in front of your camera and the focus is automatically placed on them so you can pan around to see how the asset looks in your project's environment
  • When you choose a rig as the parent location of an asset, it is automatically applied to the rig. This works best on R6 and R15 rig types
  • When loading a bundle, you can choose between an R6 and R15 rig type to be loaded
  • Specific assets like faces can be automatically applied to Decals, ImageLabels, and ImageButtons


  • If available, you can quickly open the Rig Builder window to add an avatar to your world
  • You'll be notified if a new update is available if you are running version 1.1.0 or later

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Version 1.1.0 · (5)

Thank you


What service does this provide that the roblox website doesn’t?


You can’t put clothes/accessories (or any other clothing and 3d things) using the website, only by copy the ids and inserting them on studio.

From what I understood, this plugin makes a catalog browser where you can import the selected things to the game by just clicking the button “Insert”, so you don’t need to copy the id, create the meshpart/cloth and that things.


It eliminates the need to copy and paste an item’s Id from the Roblox website to studio which can become a tedious process for users with a single 16:9 monitor. The plugin also makes trying on multiple different items in quick succession a fast process.

You can use the insert button as well as the tile of any item to insert an asset.


What an honour to be an inspiration for another fellow developer! :smile:

The plugin looks very promissing, if I need it in the future I’ll be sure to check it out and give it a rating in the Marketplace! Good job!


1.0.1 Patch

In CFS 1.0.1, a small bug which caused item loading behavior to work unexpectedly has been fixed. This issue only occurred if the widget was closed while items were still loading.

In addition, small adjustments to the UI have been made to better communicate the state of certain elements of the UI.

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Honestly. You make so many great tools and you continue to amaze me. This plugin will actually save me so much time as copy and pasting id’s takes way longer than it should.



In CFS 1.0.2, TextBox traversing gets some minor fixes, setting price limits becomes faster, and filtering between creator types becomes easier than ever.

Pressing enter while focused on either price limit while no text has been entered, will cause either range to default to the maximum or minimum value enterable.


To distinguish between users and groups, you can now chose which creator type you would like to search from.


Some parts of the UI have changed and TextBoxes are also now less buggy to navigate as well.



Thank you

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I think the UI looks very nice and I feel like it would be a very useful plugin. I don’t know if its worth 800 robux though.



A well overdue update to CFS is finally here! The UI has a fresh new look, the results page has completely changed, and inserting assets is better than ever.


  • You can select and un-select item and bundle types to be included in search results
  • More product types (now "Exclusivity") to choose from in the dropdown menu
  • The 999,999,999 price limit has been removed

F1 F2


The extra window to display the details of an asset has been removed and all essential information has been compacted into a single card.

You can now also copy and paste any text in the card. It’s perfect if you’ve found a creator you like and want to filter by their name or want to lookup the name of an asset in the avatar shop to buy it.

The content ID of an asset will now display for items and bundles.

Content Card

To load more results, you now continue scrolling down past the end of the page.

Infinite Load

Inserting Content

Inserted objects can be selected much easier now and faces now apply to R6 and R15 rigs with existent faces as well as Decals, ImageLabels, and ImageButtons.

Screen Recording 2023-08-30 at 7.59.25 PM

The camera is now automatically set to pan around the inserted object.

Screen Recording 2023-08-30 at 8.03.41 PM

You can also choose whether you’d like a bundle to be inserted as an R6 or R15 rig.

Screen Recording 2023-08-30 at 8.07.17 PM

And the price of CFS has been lowered :robux_gold:250.


This plugin is a real time-saver – no more tedious copy-pasting of IDs. Kudos for this creation! :raised_hands::hammer_and_wrench:
(Will be buying once my pending comes in)

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