CFS | Create, edit, & load avatars & characters



  • Left and right shoe accessories have dedicated icons in the Avatar Inspector
    Bookmark tab search does not update when Avatar Loader first loads

  • Error-loading-results icon appears in Catalog Browser when opening the window before content appears


  • Cursor changes to indicate whether a specific tab is openable in Avatar Loader

  • New loading-complete animation for Avatar Loader with fixed layering


  • Friends and bookmarked users can be searched for by display name too

  • Inserted classic t-shirts, shirts, and pants replace existing clothing on rigs

oooh, how’d you get those roundy texts?
tell me yer ways, lad.

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bro your plugins are so high quality, making them free was not the move i expected :flushed:
i donated what i could to your itch, i’m gonna try out some of your other plugins too
thank you for all of your hard work, you’re amazing!!! :pray::sparkles:


Unrelated to the plugin itself, but how’d you do the curved text?


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Wow, thank you!

In short: some math. Since every plugin you own is “open source”, you can look directly at CFS’s source code. The module that does this is named “CircularText” and it is under the “Libraries” folder.


Really love modern UI, considering Roblox Studio UI is planned to be modernised.
CS Studio and Swap will be my goto definitely.
Plus it’s rare to see quality plugins going free like that.


This is amazing. I am currently working on a game, and I use hats from the catalog in it, but it is time-consuming to grab them one by one and insert their ID manually. But with this, I can just scroll through the built in catalog and press the insert button. and I have it, so thank you very much. This is going to save me a lot of time.


This is neat, thank you for this.

I have one suggestion though; maybe add where you could also see and import players’ saved outfits. View Players Outfits? - #11 by AbiZinho this would be neat. :slight_smile:

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That’s a good idea, however there are a few requirements that make make it unfeasible. Roblox blocks many domains through their HTTPService API including the one used to retrieve player outfits. This means every game and plugin must use a proxy. Since CFS doesn’t make enough money to support the cost of hosting a proxy and many of the free proxies have scalability, privacy, or reliability issues, this isn’t possible now.

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I was also going to suggest that it would be nice if you could click on a button next to the item, and it would bring up the web of the catalog item… but it sounds like from above you cannot do that?..

what about showing the ID of the item, then if it can be clicked on , manually copy and paste it and we can manually find it in the web url…

or if you click on it, it could add it to the url string Catalog - Roblox add the number and copy it then we could paste it into the web url browser.

Roblox doesn’t allow plugins to open links in your web browser for security reasons, but all of the information about catalog assets and bundles you see, including IDs, can already be copied by clicking the text of the stat and pressing CTRL + C or CMD + C.

You can do this in both the catalog browser and in the user avatar inspector tab within the avatar loader. After copying, you can paste the ID into a or link.

If I see enough support for this extra piece of info to be added so you don’t need to follow all of the steps above, I’ll do it in the next update.

Would you find having a Roblox Marketplace link for every item useful?
  • Yes
  • I don’t use CFS

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Hi there! Thanks a bunch for making this, it’s incredibly useful when it comes to designing npc’s.

Do you think it’d be possible to make it so when I insert a dynamic head or a bundle with a character selected it swaps the old one for the new one (like the plugin does already with all other accessories)?

Right now the plugin seems to insert both dynamic heads and bundles as separate characters, which means I have to manually cut the head, paste it into the character I want it into, override the old head’s motor6D and then delete the old head after moving the motor6D to the new one, this isn’t that big of a deal but it gets tedious when I want to test several bundles at once.


Yes! I’ll add it to my to-do list.

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Are you asking about replacing the entire character’s body parts with a new character’s body parts but maintaining the accessories of the original bundle or just the heads?

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Yeah i’d say both would be useful, dynamic heads being the ones I switch the most often to try out expressions and such if bundles are too difficult to get working

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What are you trying to do with bundles and what is difficult about getting them to work?

Are you looking to have only the bundle’s head replace the selected rig’s head or all of the body parts of the bundle replace all of the body parts on the selected rig?

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When I have a rig selected and I insert a dynamic head, I expect only the dynamic head to be changed, when I insert a whole bundle of bodyparts (again, with the rig selected, current behaviour is fine when nothing is selected), I expect them all to be changed, retaining the accessories and such

If this causes any conflicts maybe it could be a setting

I meant that I usually only need the first functionality if it’s hard to implement the bodyparts switch on your end, english isn’t my native language so apologies if my explanations are confusing


@Lord_BradyRocks & @Pelo_208, it’s finally here!


This update includes numerous additions to the catalog browser’s rig auto-application features and a few QOL updates. Now when you select a rig and insert a dynamic head, bundle, or animation they will automatically apply it to the rig you’ve selected.

For bundles and animation packs you’ll see a dropdown appear allowing you to specify what body part or animation you’d like to replace.

Some APIs used for these features cause intermittent issues with undo controls

Suggested by @Pelo_208

If something catches your eye and you want to buy it, you can now copy the marketplace link and paste it right into your browser!

Suggested by @Lord_BradyRocks

Better issue reporting, introduced first in CS Studio and Swap, is also coming to CFS. Now when something unexpected happens or there’s important information you should know, CFS will open a widget and show it right to you.


Damn, this plugin looks really neat. I’d buy it if it wasn’t for Roblox’s shit update forcing plugins to cost real-world money. :pensive:


Thank you!

The lack of payment options (PayPal, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Roblox Credit, Robux, etc), especially when it comes to directly reinvesting Marketplace and game revenue, is a pretty big issue right now. As Roblox expands monetization on Creator Store, I hope they get around to making payments more accessible.