Change HumanoidState of a ragdoll

Currently creating a ragdoll (NOT the player character, its a seperate model) that spawns upon a specific type of death that occurs to the player.

The ragdoll generates fine, however, I am unable to change it’s humanoid state, no matter via serverscript (since you need the ragdoll’s networkownership to be nil to change its state in a serverscript) or via a client script (since client scripts dont run unless in a player object, player character, or something similar)

now how in the WORLD would I change its state, if I cant use server scripts NOR client scripts? (im gonna assume i would have to use a serverscript, however, changing the network ownership doesn’t seem to do anything even though it should allow the change of the humanoidstate)

Apparently I didn’t have to change the state, as for whatever reason, simply destroying the motor6D now worked (it didn’t when I last tested, so weird : P )

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