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Latest Update (6/10/2022)

  • added custom leaderboard // trigger with TAB
  • added npcs at starting village
  • added inventory, in-game settings, and dialogue
  • added temple at the beginning of the game
  • added hover and click sound effects to all ui hoverable/clickable elements
  • packed all in-game guis into menu button and redesigned them

Previous Updates

Update 6/10/2022
  • removed view bobbing
  • added shop
  • added quills currency
  • added levelling rewards
  • cleared loading screen clutter
  • added hide gui button
Update 25/9/2022
  • added mobile sprint
  • raised randomly generated structure quantity to 85
  • Implemented Better Chat UI
  • Added a Minimap
Update 3/8/2022
  • Raised randomly generated structure quantity to 55 structures
  • Added Tutorial GUI for help
  • Added Spatial Voice Chat
  • Fixed GUI bug on mobile devices
  • Fixed a Teleport Failure bug
  • Adjusted Graphics and Fixed Sun Rays not showing.
  • Fixed Sprint not working on Reset bug
Update 31/7/2022
  • Fixed Mountain World Generation bug
  • Adjusted lamp brightness and degree of effect
  • Added Canyons Biome
  • Added Levelling System
  • Added Arctic Biome
  • Added Medieval Canyons Village
  • Added 19 randomly generating structures to the Grassland Biome.
Update 28/7/2022
  • Added Desert Biome
  • Added Desert Base
  • Expanded Starting Village in Grasslands Biome
  • Added Flying Gamepass
  • Fixed Building Gamepass bug
  • Added Carriage for Inter-Biome Teleportation
  • Raised randomly generated structure quantity to 40 structures.

Updates will be issued more frequently with more feedback given through the game’s feedback function