Change Proximinity Prompts Gui local?

Hey guys. I really need your help. I currently want to make a car where you can get in with Proximinity Prompts. However, I want to make it an “additional feature” that you can get someone out of the car with handcuffs. I know how this works, but now I have the problem and I don’t know how to make it so that when someone just runs up to the car the Prox ActionText says “Sit” but when a player runs up with handcuffs ONLY FOR HIM it says “Arrest” or something and I don’t know how to change the Proximinity Prompt Gui for only one player. Please help me! Have a nice day

You can change the properties of a ProximityPrompt on a localscript and it will only appear for that person.
The best way to do this would be to do everything on the client itself (checking if someone’s inside, has handcuffs or whatever, etc…) or by using a RemoteEvent and :FireClient() to ask the client to do so.

What do I have to change so that the Proximinity Prompt is only displayed for one person?

Set Enabled to false for everyone, true for the person/people you want them to see.

Where can I change this? Where do I see the settings for that?

Oh. You have to do this in a localscript by making a client themselves set the properties.