Change the behaviour of the Neck joint in characters

Currently the neck joint in the character needs to have a .Part0 to the torso, a .Part1 to the head, and it has to be parented to the torso in order to spawn without dying. You can re parent the neck joint after the character is created, but you still cannot change the part0 of the neck joint without killing the character. This is the only native joint in the character that kills the character if properties mentioned are not set perfectly.

What I’m proposing is that the restrictions on the neck joint are removed, allowing us to change the starting parent and part0 of the joint without killing our characters. I really doubt anybody heavily relies on this behavior in the first place, so I belive there would be no harm in changing it.

And yes, I am aware of the multiple workarounds for this problem(fake head, custom character, a little extra cframe work), but the entire premise of feature request is to eliminate workarounds, and lord knows we could do away with some of the ones we currently have to use.

Thought’s? I really can’t think of anything wrong with changing this behavior, so if you come up with something do say so.

It would break scripts that use BreakJoints to kill characters

I’m assuming you mean the physical objects have to be in the object you call breakjoints on for breakjoints to work. That is not the case. As long as a connection exists on a part, breakjoints will break it apart regardless of the parent of the weld object or the physical parts, or at least that is the behavior I’ve observed.