Change the forum back to the old format

I think the old format was better, the one with threads sorted by categories instead of just latest threads. If I wanted to see latest threads I would just sort by latest, it makes no sense to have categories show latest. According to this thread on the Discourse meta forum it can be changed back.

IDK what other people want though, so here’s a poll:

  • Sorted by category (old format)
  • Sorted by latest

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To me, it makes no sense to sort by “Categories and Latest Topics” because there’s already a “Latest” tab so I’m in support of them switching back to the old default, “Categories with Featured Topics”

EDIT: and for any opposed, the only way to see the featured topics for each individual category without going into each manually would be to switch back to the default. Furthermore, the tab to open the latest sort is there no matter which format is enabled soo…


mfw I’ve probably used the categories page 2 times since we’d switched to Discourse

Thanks for the link @Digital_Boy. Crisis averted!