Change the way the 'your post looks similar to...' message works

I’d like to suggest a change to the way the ‘Your post looks similar to…’ message works on the DevForum.

Right now it only shows at the beginning of creating a new topic, which usually doesn’t end up being accurate.
To resolve that perhaps alert the user when they pressed the ‘Create Topic’ button and / or allow the user to re-open it when they want to.

In the alert should be a similar list with links to already existing posts with a similar topic. A user can always click it away, but it’ll make it easier for the user to see whether the finalized post already exists as well rather than the first few lines.


Is this a developer forum suggestion? If so, it belongs in #inception-forum. This category is only for features for the Roblox website.

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Oh whoops. Thanks for the heads up!

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