Change to Game Icon Information

As a Roblox Developer… is it currently hard to view the current game data on a game icon.

I am not sure if this is an update that every member may see currently. However, I believe that maybe it should be altered.

Currently, there has been a new website update that allows you to see which friends are playing a game under the game’s icon. As shown here,


It shows no data about how many players are currently playing nor the overall rating. I find this problematic because I and undoubtedly many others use this little icon to check the status of their game without having to click on the full game page. You can quickly judge to from your past games played or favorites how many people are playing your games.

Of course, you can still check this information from a group page or a profile page, but I thought seeing it there on the home page was just a nice feature that should stay like shown below.


It is not a drastic issue, but I figured it might be worth speaking and giving some insight.


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Back to the topic itself, I do agree that Roblox doesn’t need to integrate friend activity to the point that they do things like this.

While this is kind of annoying, we’re developers, a tiny minority of Roblox users. Social play is really important for boosting your player count and retention, and when players see that their friends are in one of the games on their home page, they’re much more likely to play it. I’m guessing here, but I’d say player count and rating are much less useful pieces of information for a player that is joining their friend ingame than for a player evaluating a game for solo play, and this should also help us developers who have low rated games or games with low player counts.