Changelog 1.7 Site 76


  • The Clockwork Machine has returned and is better than ever!
    • You can put most items from the game inside of it.
    • Level 1 Keycard on 1:1 creates a Playing Card.
    • Level 1 Keycard on Very Fine has a low chance of creating a Level 6 Keycard, high chance of creating a Playing Card.
    • Pistol on 1:1 creates a Desert Eagle.
    • C4 on 1:1 creates a Rocket.
    • We’ll be adding more items to the list as time goes by.
    • You can even put yourself through it! (Currently, you cannot ‘force’ other players to go through for testing, this may change in the future)
  • The player-controlled burning man has received new particles.
  • The Old Man’s containment now has sounds.


  • Scientist, Site Director and Overseer have received a tablet!
    • Depending on what your job is, the Tablet will have more functions.
    • Scientists can authorise prisoners, and disable tesla gates.
    • Site Directors can authorise prisoners, disable tesla gates, and lock doors.
    • Overseers can authorise prisoners, disable tesla gates, lock doors, arm the omega warheads, use the anomaly radar, and assign a high priority target.
    • We’ll be adding more features to the tablet as time goes by.
  • The Overseer has had a few much needed changes!
    • There is now an experimental teleporter in the Overseer spawn which allows them to quickly teleport to populated areas of the facility.
    • Overseers now spawn with a taser.
    • The RWAD has been removed and replaced with the Tablet.
    • Overseers can now use the tablet to scan for nearby breached anomalies.
    • Only the Overseer will be able to see their exact location for ten seconds.
    • Overseers can designate high priority targets using the tablet as well.
    • Prisoners or Chaos Insurgents with a bounty of at least $500 (one star) can be made high priority targets.
    • They will be marked with an indicator, but only when you are nearby them.
    • Once they have been killed, everyone nearby will be rewarded with double the target’s bounty.
    • We want to add more options to the Overseer and Site Director’s tablets. If you have a good idea, let us know and it may appear in the game!

Chaos Insurgency:

  • The Ammo Can has been removed from the CI Store.
  • All Chaos Insurgency jobs now spawn with an Ammo Can.

Light Containment:

  • Light Containment has been completely remodelled.
  • Instead of the all the same long corridors, it should now resemble what you would expect an SCP Site would look like.
  • Many Anomalies’ containment have been moved around.
  • Examples: Clockwork Machine and Zombie Pathogen have swapped places, the Melancholy Lamp is now closer to the Sealed Door.
  • The elevator to Heavy Containment has been moved to the center of Light Containment, meaning you now have to go through it to get down there.
  • The Heavy Containment elevator now has four doors in and out.

Heavy Containment:

  • Alongside Light Containment, Heavy Containment has also been completely remodelled.
  • The Warhead room has been removed and placed inside Heavy Containment. You will be able to see it from the main elevator room.
  • There are now three different ways into Heavy Containment from the main elevator room.
  • Similar to Light Containment, all anomalies have been moved to new locations.
  • There’s too much to sum up for all the changes to both Heavy and Light containment. It’s best to go and explore for yourself!

Major Bugfixes:

  • Resolved an issue that was causing a memory leak the longer servers have been alive.
  • Buying the Overseer gamepass in-game no longer causes it to break.
  • You can no longer use healing items to bypass damage.
  • When travelling in an elevator, if you manage to glitch outside of it, you will be placed back inside after it has finished moving.
  • Fixed an issue where prisoner bounties would not reset properly.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause weapons to instantly reload.
  • We’ve improved the way that projectiles travel (Rocket Launcher and Burning Man abilities) so they should be much more reliable now.