Changes to the ROBLOX Star Codes?

Hi all. I wish to address an issue I have had with the youtuber star code program for quite a while now.

Currently, many of youtubers’ fans have been using their given “star code”. I honestly love the idea of supporting your favourite youtuber to continue making videos, however I would feel it would benefit if there was some kind of take-back approach for the fans.

I propose that when redeeming a star code, the user has an option of receiving 5% of their robux purchased as a bonus. For example, if a user buys 1000 robux, and then plugs in a star code, they will receive a 50 robux bonus after purchasing. Modifications could be made to the percentage of robux they earn, however 5% doesn’t seem too big nor too small of a bonus.

This goes the same for BC/roblox.

I believe the platform would benefit from such changes to the star program.

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