Changing a image in billboard gui inside character problem

Im tryng to make a 2d pixel game and I have a MAIN problem, I cant find a way to change the image and values of image inside a billboard gui inside a character, I tried the script being the child of the parent and the script in serverscriptservice, none of them worked, I used events to change the image

ServerScriptService scipt (will be changing values and image)
		local image = character:WaitForChild("Head"):WaitForChild("BillboardGui"):WaitForChild("ImageLabel")
		local events = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Animations

			image.ImageRectSize = "-1008, 1008"
			image.ImageRectOffset = "1008,0"

			image.ImageRectSize = "1008, 1008"
			image.ImageRectOffset = "0,0"
LocalScript inside character (Used to fire the events for the server script

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this is currently the serverscript way, also the FLeft and FRight is where the image is facing whether left or right, I used the image rect thing to mirror it with the UserInputService to know what side its supposed to be facing, also no errors in the output (edit: im just working on the facing of the character so theres no changing of image in the character)