Changing a player's running animation when wanted

So what i need to do is simply change a player’s running animation after pressing LeftShift, i have done this already but i don’t remember how to.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

You can find the players animation then you just load the animation. (Make sure the animation is looping). Finally when the player stops pressing LeftShift you stop the animation.

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I didn’t quite get what you said, could you be more specific?

For more information go to:

So when a player presses the keycode than it will play the animation. When they stop it stops the animation.
To stop just do example:Stop()

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Yes i know that part, but how do i change specifically the running animation

Go inside workspace find your player copy and paste the animate local script. Go into StarterCharacterScript paste the Animate local script, then you change the animation values by a local script so when they press it a local script will fire and change the value to the animation you want. Maybe something like this? I’m still not %100 sure what you’re talking about so this is my best guess. :confused:

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