Changing BoolValue from outside of game/studio

Hey, I was wondering if there was anyway to change a BoolValue from outside of the game/studio.

To be more specific, for example lets say I’m outside of the game and have pre-written code that would occur if the BoolValue is changed. I want to be able to change that value from outside of the game for all servers. Is there any efficient way to do so?

I’ve looked across the forums but haven’t quit found an answer for this. If anyone could give me some sort of direction on what method to use I’d appreciate that!

Try using a ModuleScript with the info inside.

Every few minutes or so, on all servers, require() the module and use the info.

If you’re willing to learn JavaScript, you can try doing long polling, which is similar to websockets. This allows close to real time communication between an external web server and your Roblox game servers. Here’s a good tutorial I found. Roblox Long Polling With NodeJS - YouTube note: do not use glitch to host it as it will be public which is a security risk.


what would you recommend that I use to host it?

this doesn’t sound too bad, except for the fact that I’ll have to be at my computer to do so.

I’m not too sure, maybe a VPS provider like DigitalOcean or any reputable web host but that’ll probably cost you.

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