Changing default animation does not work

I am using the method of copying and pasting the animate localscript from the player during runtime, and pasting it into the StarterCharacterScripts. I change the values to the animIDs i want, but it still uses the default ones. Nothing is changing. I don’t know exactly where to start to solve this, but they animations are uploaded by me, I changed both the walk and run IDs, I tested to see if the script was even replacing, and I confirmed that indeed they were using the new IDs, despite running the default anims. What did I do wrong?

Edit: The “Animate” LocalScript is inside StarterCharacterScripts before starting the game.

Is the animate script in StarterCharacterScripts before you hit play? or do you clone it into there in a script that processes after you hit play?

If then maybe your player is loading faster than the system can put the script into the StarterCharacterScripts. Maybe for testing purposes just put the script into the StarterCharacterScript?

If not, then I’m sorry I misunderstood

It is there before I press play.

I recommend changing it within a script as its more reliable and will fix your issue.

		Character:WaitForChild("Animate").walk.WalkAnim.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://0"
		Character:WaitForChild("Animate").run.RunAnim.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://0"

This also did not work. It only plays default anims

May I know your animation ID’s as well as what script your using (local or server)?

6044345424, and I am using the default roblox animation script with changed values.

There may be multiple reasons why it’s not working. Let me list some:

  • Using the incorrect avatar type for an animation (ex. R6 animation for R15)
  • The script I provided must be located in a server script. image
  • Your animations priority has to be set as Movement or Action.

I have it set to core! DARN! Is that the problem?
Edit: nevermind its set to movement

Check yourself, I don’t have the ability to check your animations.

I have, it is set to movement.

From what I remember animate scripts from roblox are a bit weird they seem to not care about the assetids that are children from the animate scripts, they seem to care more about the ones that are on the script. Did you delete the animate thing? You might wanna remake it not sure.