Changing Dummy to player Avatar, when a player does something

What’s up guys? Just like the title says, how can i do like when a player does some action, the avatar of that player, is cloned and pasted to a specific dummy? for example, in my tycoon i have a dummy which is inside the tycoon and i want that when he claims ownership of a plot, that player avater is cloned and pasted to a dummy. How can i achieve that? Thanks in advance!!!

The easiest way to go about this is to place all of the character’s base parts into the dummy.

To do this you will need to get all of the children of the character instance:

You will then want to delete everything inside the dummy, you can either delete it piece by piece or just delete everything using ClearAllChildren:

After you get children and delete the previous dummy you will want to clone each child into the dummy:

So to recap:

  1. GetChildren() every instance inside the character.
  2. Destroy() every instance inside the dummy, keep the dummy model.
  3. Clone() every child from step 1 into the empty dummy model.