Changing HumanoidRigType messing up textures
I need help. If I change HumanoidRigType from R6 to R15 it breaks the textures of my character
and if I use R6 the animations dont work.

Anyone know?
Left is how it is supposed to look (R6) Right is messed up (R15 setting in humanoid)

What exactly forces you to use one right instead of the other?

One is set to R6 in humanoid, this doesnt break textures but breaks animations
The other is set to R15 in humanoid, this breaks textures but not animations

They are both R15 rigs with 15 parts

you could dupe the head, name it something else, and then weld it to the original head and have the original heads transparency set to 1

also i think this belongs in Studio Bugs or some bugs, not scripting support.