Changing Parts To Body Color

Hello! I’ve got some custom arms that go onto the side of a Character Model, and I’d like them to change colour in according to the Color Tone that the player has equipped for their head. However, this isn’t working, and I’m generally pretty bad when it comes to Server Scripting, so I’ve come here.

My attempted Code Block is below;

		local CharacterTone = player.Character.Head.BrickColor
		local NoodlePartsL = NoodleArms.NoodleArmLeft:GetChildren()
		NoodlePartsL.BrickColor =

inside NoodleArms.NoodleArmLeft are the Parts I want to change the color of.

Where am I going wrong, and how can I fix this code?
Thanks, Arid.

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You’re attempting to pass a BrickColor value to the BrickColor class constructor function (which constructs BrickColor values).

NoodlePartsL.BrickColor = CharacterTone

Should suffice.