Changing properties locally

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to change a part’s property locally (only the person who pressed the button can see the change) and it doesn’t seem to work is it even possible? If so can you please link me to the wiki page that tells me how? Thank you

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You do so on a local script, check the API for both a script and a local script to understand what each of them do.

It could be a testing issue if you are already doing it properly

What’s the script you’re working with? It’s possible that you’re just doing it incorrectly, most properties can be set locally.

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I’m using a local script and Change the property from there, the change works but it’s global not local

They can be set locally, however, when I change it using a local script it changes the part globally not locally

How are you testing this? Make sure you simulate a server with at least 2 players to check

That’s how I check if the changes are global or not

Which properties are you setting? Remember the network ownership of unanchored parts does not belong to the server.

Again, the script you’re working with would be helpful.

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Apologies I said the part instead of the children of the part(which is a SurfaceLight). I am changing the “Enabled” property

Also I can’t access my pc right now sorry.

I think you’re just checking incorrectly.

--local script

workspace.Baseplate.SurfaceLight.Enabled = true
--server script
local sl = workspace.Baseplate.SurfaceLight


Neither of the server script print calls executed.


local sl = workspace.Baseplate.SurfaceLight

First true is from local script.

Thanks I think I understand now