Changing the game's maximum frame rate?


Hey guys, so I just wondered if this possible to do in any sort of hacky way, not that I want to do this for a game, but much rather, just for the sake of trying something new.

Is there any way, to manually change the game’s rendering frame rate? Perhaps not the entire game, obviously, but specific parts, and physics applied to those parts. Just wondered, if this is possible in some sort of weird, interesting manner.

I don’t need this for anything really, I posted this just out of mere curiosity. Thanks!


If you’re asking about changing the default frame rate for your game as a developer, thats currently not possible.

But there is a hacky method where you can uncap the framerate on roblox which I do not reccomend doing because (correct me if im wrong) will mess with the timing of functions like Heartbeat.


I thought so. But that’s interesting. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: