Changing the parent of an item in selection will deselect it

This has started happening to me just barely, after the recent studio update.

Code such as

game.Selection:Get()[1].Parent = game.Workspace.Model

will deselect the first part in your selection. This is breaking A LOT of my building plugins.

The main building plugin I’m using sets the parent of all parts in a selection to ServerStorage while it’s being resized in order to optomize the resizing speed (Otherwise, the part in selection will be very laggy as it tries to move on top of all parts that it’s stuck inside of simply for changing the Size of the part).

Edit: This also affects when ungrouping your selection. Instead of pressing “Ctrl+U” selecting all of the children of the group, it will keep those parts in the selection, BUT it will hide the selection outlines and remove the selection from your properties tab. You will only be able to regroup once you add another part to the selection.