Changing Tool.TextureId can take up to 10 seconds


Since a few weeks ago, creating gunskins has turned into a pain.

First we got forced to paste the decal unto a surface before being able to copy the textureid, making the whole
process much slower (Copy Decal ID on right click)

The bug
Now another bug to slowdown development of gunskins has occured:
If you change the TextureId of a Tool then it will not change immediately.
You paste your textureid into the textureid box (image ), press enter and it will show the old textureid value again.
It can take up to 10 seconds for the change to happen. Sometimes, it doesnt even change it at all.

The problems it creates
Truely frustrating trying to set the tool icons of multiple tools, then going back seeing as some of them werent even changed. Nowadays you’re forced to paste the textureid into the tool then wait up to 10 seconds for it to change (or 20 seconds to realize it’s not gonna change at all).

Why I think it happens
I think this happens because, for some reason, the game tries to download the texture as soon as its put into the TextureId field. With a choppy internet connection this can take anywhere between 0s to forever.
If this is the case then I suggest textures are not loaded as soon as the textureid value changes, and if they are it should be a background process that doesn’t wait until its done to update the TextureId value.

Would be nice if this laggy behaviour was adressed.


Does this happen to all asset textboxes or just to Tool.TextureId ones?


Just tool.TextureId as far as I’ve noticed.


Actually there is a similar behaivour when changing SoundId on Sound objects.