Changing UI elements after I run the game does nothing

I’m trying to learn UI right now and I wanted to code a cool animated loading screen, but nothing is visualized when the game is running.

Even if I delete elements of the UI, it isn’t visualized.

I can literally delete the UI and it will still be on my screen doing nothing.

And yes, disabling it also does nothing

Why is my UI not updating when the game is running? I am completely lost.

TL;DR, I tell a UI to do something when the game is running, it does literally nothing. The only thing I can do is enable it, I cannot disable it once it is enabled.

Is this a roblox bug? like ??? deleting a whole UI element does nothing???

What are you deleting? You are deleting the one in PlayerGui and not the one in StarterGui right?

Edit : Yup, you are deleting the one in StarterGui. As seen in the first picture. You should be deleting the one in PlayerGui.

ive been in the WRONG FOLDER!?!? AHHH!!! thanks for the help :+1:


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