Character and BodyMovers physics help

Everything that I have done so far is perfect.
I’m just stuck on this one part …
The goal is to make a physics based airship that can be affected by the environment but I am having physics issues.

I don’t really understand why this is happening (maybe the character movement?) and I would like some help on this topic.
I’m currently using the legacy BodyMovers like BodyGyro and BodyPosition (above).
I also tried the constraint version of them (below).

While it does fix most of the issue, there is still a possibility that the player can forcefully push the ship.

I’m completely stumped…

The issue is yeah the humanoid characters pushing the ship, they just do be like that. With low enough friction and weight it can result into something like the sliding box like this old model glitch Box Glitch - Roblox.

The solution should be to increase the weight of the ship, this will prevent the force of the humanoid from effective the ship too much or just increase the amount of force the body gyro does.


Thank you so much, I just completely forgot how physics work :sweat_smile:

While experimenting with the mass of parts, I found out one thing that might be important…
The higher the weight the less of a reaction you get from the player.
But I would like it so the player can interact with the just by standing on it. (Like a slight tilt to the ship if you are on the left side etc.)
Would I have to make a separate script that manages tilting?

Yes? I don’t see any other options other than increasing the players mass, but if you do then I bet that the player will be able to push the ship around more.

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I have been experimenting and I found out that I can keep some of the features I like by making the character themselves lighter. Are there any drawbacks to this?