Character Animations Playing Incorrectly

I’ve been making a side project recently, and my character is Khodakin Ironfoot which is a Roblox character I load onto the player via humanoid description. as well as adding a few parts to it such as a club via scripted rigging.

I’m trying to replace its animations with some custom animations, but when I do, my character sinks into and out of the ground. I’ve already deleted the normal animations script and replaced it with my own, which does nothing but play the idle animation.

In moonanimator, the animation plays fine, but when I play it on my character, the displacement happens. I change the character’s verticality through changing the Y axis of the lowertorso, but when it matches in moonanimator, it sinks into the ground in testing, and when I remove the keyframes for the lowertorso, the character floats half a stud above the ground.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Trial and error by incrementing the Y axis of the lowertorso would be a lot of extra work I don’t want to do.

Hipheight seems to be fine for when I’m not playing the animations


In Game:

Well this is embarrassing, I accidentally found the solution to my problem right after posting this.
Disabling AutomaticScalingEnabled which is a property of the Humanoid seemed to do the trick.