Character Disappears When Hit

So I have a little bug with my game where if the player gets punched by another player sometimes the player’s character may randomly disappear. The script is very long, so it’s not a good idea to show that because it would take forever to figure out the problem.

So an explanation on how the combat works, you click it fires rays throughout your root. The rays check for a character inside of a folder specifically because I parent the characters into a folder whenever they respawn. If it finds the player it damages them + it adds a little bodyforce into that character forcing them backwards. This script used to never have any bugs like this, until i changed up a lot of stuff after a long time of inactivity working on it.

Can you try adding prints and narrow down where the script is failing, then put it on the DevForum? That would help us to solve your problem.

first of all, your explanation isn’t very helpful because we need to know details about what you hit and what you do with that. it would be great if you post your code for when someone is hit, and by speculation i can assume something is wrong with your body-mover.