Character glitches out when rolling into some walls

Hello! I was having an issue with making a movement system. Everything pretty much works like a charm except air diving. You see, my script holds 2 things: Air Diving and Normal rolling but it causes some issues with that.

What’s the issue? Well… When I added knockback so it doesn’t make character stuck to wait until diving is over and player touches the ground. Basically, it detects when player touched something when diving, if they did, do some knockback on them. And it works! But uh… when rolling into some walls it collides pretty… interesting. I am yet to find any solution.

What it looks when rolling into some walls:

What it looks like when air diving into every wall:

you can clearly see what it’s based off of

Code was removed after solution was found.

Could you show us a video of what it looks like when the player collides into something else that isn’t a wall? It’s hard to tell what the issue is when there isn’t a comparison between a wall and something else.

Ahhhhhhh basically not all walls.

Wall bug:

How it should be on all walls:

No walls at all:

Alright. So as far as I know its collisions problem. For some reason it thinks that character is just freefalling on specific walls with objects. I think only debounce can help here. However… debounce causes other issues too…

Making new value like “airDiving” and then checking for it was the solution.

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