Character glitches when welded

When I click the hose there is a weld added for the character and the part clicked. This makes my character very glitchy. I have made all parts within the hose massless.and have given NetworkOwner to the player for every part. I am not sure what to do to make my character stop glitching as shown in the video

You should probably make a collision group/no collision weld for the player and the hose.

Ive never heard of this, can you give more information?

Yes, i can here is a link: Collision Filtering | Roblox Creator Documentation

(Im on mobile right now so cant make anything related to scripting, in my posts)

I tried that and the same thing seems to happen.

Decided to use Align Position which gets what I want partially. It does not act as a chain and prevent the player from the max distance from the hose, however, I will just manually check when the player is too far to walk away. It follows the player flawlessly though.

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