Character "Glitching" (Graphical issue)

I have a graphical issue with my game. The character “glitches” in the “main” place of the game, I have another place in the same game where the character does not have the glitches.

Clip of character glitching (main place):
You can see unnatural movement in the hat and face

Clip of character not glitching (in the other place):

I’ve tried to disable scripts and other things to try discover what’s causing this, but no luck yet.
What can be the cause of this?

How far away is the place away from the center of the workspace? I know if millions of studs away freaky things start to happen, like visual character glitches.

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How do you find the center of the workspace? Edit: Nvm, figured that out. I’ll try it out now.

second edit: Okay, looks like that did the trick. Thanks!