Character goes through wall even tho the collide is on

So i have tried everything adding collisions making startercharacter but nothing works
here is a roblox video
robloxapp-20230326-1340395.wmv (1.5 MB)

also could this have caused it?

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Is the character going through the wall because CanCollide is set to false on the HumanoidRootPart?

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Uhh how do i look at that im not using a startercharacter

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When you go to playtest the game, open workspace, then locate the model with your character name, then find HumanoidRootPart and check if CanCollide is set to false. Sometimes when the character parts all somehow have CanCollide set to false, this can occur as well.

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i checked and cancollide was false how do i fix it

Sorry for the late reply.

There must be one of your scripts that is setting the CanCollide of all body parts to false but its very hard to tell which one especially if you have a large game.

You could use a for loop to scan through every body part of each player and set the CanCollide property to true. There is probably a better way of achieving this but that should work just fine.

İn test mode i clicked the player and tried to set it to collidable but it just falses itself right after i click it

Definitely a certain script in your game is controlling your CanCollide property on each part.

how do i find it theres like 200+ scripts