Character Model Resetting on death

Hello! I am making a pick character GUI for my game, everything in it works fine you spawn as the correct character. But the problem I am having is when you reset you return to your original avatar. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it thank you!

What happens when I reset

Local Script in my button

Use the Player.CharacterAdded event to know when the player resets and set the character again.

Thanks but for some reason won’t work should I try LoadCharacter() ?

Can you send your script using Player.CharacterAdded? Also, are you receiving any errors?

The Player’s service has a property called CharacterAutoLoads. Set this to false and the character won’t automatically respawn. The only way to spawn a character would be through a script (which I assume you want).

Yes. It picks a character from ReplicatedStorage in a folder and then spawns you in but this is for a fighting game so if the player dies I just want them to respawn as that same Character they picked

Player.CharacterAdded, i am using this.
i want to restore a custom attribute that i have given on player. How to restore that
Basically there is a custom attribute named “ClaimedNumber”=“0” given to every player. when a person claim an item i set it to item Id. But when he resets the character, the ClaimedNumber goes back to “0”. how do i fix this ??
Thanks for your time