Character personalities and ToS

for a game i’m thinking of making that may or may not have a storyline, i may have one character who is kind of a flirt to women. Would this violate ToS? (He just acts nicer around them and does favours for them, and talks in a nicer way)

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I am absolutely sure it does. Online dating is strictly prohibited and im sure any references to it are as well.

Now if its not a obviously clear reference to dating or anything like that, it may be fine. But I am guessing if its a character for example giving jewelry in a flattering dating like way like a necklace or something I am sure its not okay.

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You should just play it safe and change the story line so it is appropriate for all ages.

As long as the character isn’t doing anything that would violate the ToS. Such as trying to go on a date, inappropriate talk, etc. You could make the character blush around the female. Do something that indicates the characters feelings but doesn’t tell them.

I think even this could cause possible issues. Personally I think one should just stay away from this.

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I guess I would have to agree, staying away would be a better solution.


To respectfully disagree with @loertis, @Sentross, and @C0_le, Online Dating is between two (or more) cooperative individuals interested in sexual or romantic interaction. What Random is referring to is an NPC that is, although poorly described in the original post, acts like a naive, innocent romantic. This is purely lighthearted behaviour. There is nothing illicit about it whatsoever and it is simply characterisation, not a sexual or player-cooperative reference. The adage of “if you have to ask, don’t do it” is not applicable here.

Unless the intention is for players to engage in sexual behaviour with this NPC, which I know for certain it isn’t as that’s what you’ve described, it’s not breaking a rule. Just ensure that it is as minor as blushing or whatnot and not referring to anybody as attractive. That would not be allowed. I would also stray from the use of the words “girlfriend,” “wife,” “husband,” “marriage,” etc – although to my understanding they are censored anyway.


I never truly believe in the whole “if you have to ask, don’t do it” statement. And don’t get me wrong, I do agree.

I do think certain situations are fine. But I was pointing out even if certain scenarios are okay it may be a better decision to stay away if possible to prevent anyone from getting in trouble.

No, it won’t. The characters aren’t doing/saying anything inappropriate to each other. The only time you would end up violating the ToS is if you add inappropriate wording, etc.
Being nice or kind to the female character won’t violate the ToS.
While making a storyline, try keeping it safe.