Character Sounds Not Playing

Hey everyone,

I was sitting here making my game, and I went to test it. I then realized that none of my character’s default sounds were playing (Jumping, Falling, Running.) I didn’t tamper with any scripts that might change this. Has anyone else had this issue before?


I would like to help, but I need some more information. Have you ever added custom sound scripts that might’ve changed the default sounds?

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Yes, I was using CloneTrooper’s “Realism,” which changed up the default running sounds to match the material the player is walking on. I never messed with that script at all, and out of nowhere the player sounds just stopped. I then deleted the realism scripts, and the sounds still do not play.

Ok, where were you putting these scripts?

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Nevermind, I fixed the issue. I appreciate the replies. Have a great day!