Character/Build Creator

So I’m creating a Character/Build Creator for my basketball game where you choose your hair, hair color, height, weight, your basketball position (Point guard, Shooting guard, etc.), your archetype that goes with each position (Point Guard - Playmaker, Slasher etc.) and im wondering how I should do it. Its a 1 player server for each person to build their player, and when your done it saves it in a datastore, so I assume I could technically do it on the client because there is no need for replication. How exactly should I do it though? Fire a remote when they hit the finish button and save everything? Should I still apply the hairs and other stuff on the server even thought there is no need for replication? Sorry if this is confusing. I want something similar to RB world’s character creator.

fire the remote to save when finished
if you save for every change datastore won’t keep up

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