Characters being wrong on some other players screens?

So this has been happening for a very long time now, and its gotten to the point where i need to fix it

as you can see, the player is moving crazily threwout the game, but for them, they are moving around normally and not halfway under the map. heres some things i think could be causing this

doing :LoadCharacter after the player presses play on the intro

backpack/chain system that uses cframe to put it on the character

crouch script in startercharacter that changes walkspeed locally, also with my sprint script

is there anything else that could be causing this?
(Also side note, this also only happens after you rejoin/other players joined before you, etc, if you were the first person in the server everyone would look fine until you rejoinned, also not all players look like this, which is why i believe its some sort of mess up I made)

These could be why, if both of these scripts are local sided then that could be why perhaps?

Replication across the client & server can act weird at times

its all server, when you load in it takes the uppertorso part (in the backpack model) puts it to the players uppertorso cframe, quickly welds it, and parents it to the player, thats it