Characters in weird spots after joining/rejoining

So in my game, the biggest issue right now is when a player joins/rejoins, some players will be in the sky/random places on the map, even though they are in a normal area? I have no idea what causes it but all I can think of is something locally? Any help/explanation?

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Do you have a Spawn Location? 30

No, when I say this, I mean, the player that joins, sees other players, in places that they are not.

As in say the player is standing at x, y, z and the other player sees them and x + 2, y + 2, z + 2 or something like that?

Yes, correct, its weird and I have no clue how it happens.

If you can see it and they’re not actually there then it’s something happening locally. Check your localscripts to see if there is any piece of code that would cause other players to be positioned there even though they actually aren’t.