Characters Sink in Water After Setting Vehicle Seat to Disabled

There is a bug with the physics engine where if a character is sitting on a VehicleSeat when the VehicleSeat’s Disabled property gets set to true, the character will no longer be able to float in water until they reset. When attempting to swim, the character will continually just sink to the bottom of the water. My current workaround is to force the player to jump, wait until the SeatWeld is destroyed, and THEN set the Disabled property to true.

Swimming Before:

Swimming After:

Apologies for the grainy video. If more information is needed, please let me know.

Expected behavior

When setting a VehicleSeat’s Disabled property to true, it should not affect the character’s ability to swim.

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We turned off a flag that we suspect might have caused this. Can you please verify after restarting.

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Thanks! This seems to be fixed now.

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