Chat Autocorrect System


I am currently trying to figure out how to create an autocorrect system for my game, What I mean by this is that when the player starts to type a word similar to the examples written in the script then they are given the option to press [Tab] to implement the word. The way of showing the player what will be implemented will be a Text Box under the Chat CoreGUI when starting to type.

If anyone knows any techniques or what I could use to achieve this goal, please reply in the comments.


You could probably just have an array of string keywords organized in alphabetical order. While you are typing, it will index this table for all of the strings that begin with the current word you are typing and display them as an “autocomplete” option. Additionally, pressing tab would just find the current autocomplete word displayed and replace the current word you are typing with the autocomplete version.


Thank you! I will try this and I will definitely tell you if this ends up working for me!


It ended up working! I will post a video to the devforum later for feedback on the system. Thank you for helping me out!

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