Chat GUI not showing up

My chat wont show up at all. You can type, and the bubble chat works when pressing the return key. But no chat box shows up. I turned off every plug-in I have. I also checked my script that contains the SetCoreGui. Its fine, the Icon is even there, it also changes when clicking on it or pressing slash. The chat history nor chatbox doesnt show up though. I even removed the SetCoreGui, along with my chat scripts to enable and edit bubble chat so its just the default chat but it did nothing. Any ideas?

I would try disabling all your scripts to see if your scripts are the problem. The chat should work if your scripts are the problem and the scripts are disabled.
Then, if they are the problem, I would enable a few scripts and test to see if enabling those scripts breaks the chat. Repeat this until you find the problem script.

Also, you may have overrided the chat modules with chat modules that don’t work.

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i agree to what you say, that could be the problem, also roblox is having some issues lately, maybe that is the issue, also he can try to test out the module in a new workspace/file.

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yep, was a script thanks very much!