Chat is bugged, messages arent sending

Hi I keep getting this weird bug in my game where all of a sudden when I speak in chat, my name doesnt appear before the text and no one else can see it. Anyone know why this is?

Is it possibly to do with the admin Im using because it says it doesnt support the new text chat service?

i was about to say it was your internet…

im guessing it has to do with the old chat, show me your “admin” thing.
but can you please be specific on your report??? i can barely understand anything

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Its just HD admin

Ill get a screenshot of whats happening


The ‘seems ok’ line is a separate message. No other users can see this for some reason and it doesnt show my name

If you need, you can manually set the message prefix to the text in a LocalScript.

local tcs = game:GetService("TextChatService")
local players = game:GetService("Players")

tcs.OnIncomingMessage = function(message)
    if not message.TextSource then return nil end
    local player = players:GetPlayerByUserId(message.TextSource.UserId)
    local properties ="TextChatMessageProperties")
    properties.PrefixText = player.Name..":"
    return properties

Do you have any other scripts that use the TextChatService?

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Would this fix the issue though? Because no other players can see the “seems ok” message, the fact that the name isn’t there is just a slight issue. The main thing is that the other players dont recieve messages from the player that is bugged

Edit: Once the message bugs once, that players messages will all be like this after. So no messages go through once it glitches once

Theoretically, a LocalScript under each client that manually sets the text prefix should work. What’s confusing me is why it bugs in the first place - might be to do with HD admin. Try changing the ChatVersion property of the TextChatService to Legacy (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called) - it might fix the issue.

Otherwise, it could be a bug.